We have captured the construction process for you to view as we progress toward completion of our building project!


Pardon the dust while we meet each Sunday at 10:00 am. Projects continue such as our parking lot installation, outdoor patio, sidewalks, landscaping, and interior finishes. 



It was quite a balancing act to launch our worship center building project debt-free. We had a tight budget with little margin and next-to-nothing contingency. We stepped out in faith, not knowing how we were going to complete the project. In desperation, we prayed. And we continued to pray.


On Valentine’s Day, 2022, we received word from The John C. Lasko Foundation Trust that we received a $400,000 award! This grant is undoubtedly God’s response to our plea. We use this opportunity to acknowledge the miracle God worked out right here in our midst. God has chosen to show His greatness through our remnant of people committed to unity, love for one another, repentance, prayer, and daily acts of obedience.

After nearly twenty years of prayer and sacrificial giving, we are grateful to begin to meet in on our 67-acre parcel. Construction launched on May 30th 2021, when we held a groundbreaking service. It included a time of prayer and thanksgiving for His provision while re-affirming our commitment to the mission He has given us.